Revolutionizing the decentralized ecosystem through advanced tokenomics that brings stability to DeFi. Dobie utilizes a highly technical smart contract to incentivize growth. Hold Dobie to earn 5% BUSD each transaction distributed to all Dobie holders with over 10,000,000 tokens.


Dobie - Courage, Intelligence, and Loyalty

Decentralized Dobienomics

Dobie Contract Address: 0xf2bb74548beaf3417e232f6dbf2be540feb6fcd7
Binance Smart Chain Main Net
Adjust Slippage Between 12% - 16% when Exchanging

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Hold Dobie and Earn 5% BUSD

on each transaction fee split among all Dobie holders with 10,000,000 Dobie or more

An intelligent and simple ecosystem, Decentralized and dynamic dobienomics are changing DeFi forever.

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Automatic Cash Royalties

Hold Dobie & earn 5% BUSD shared bonus on each transaction fee. BUSD is distributed automatically to all wallets with 10,000,000 Dobie or more.

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Stacks Liquidity Automatically

In addition to a cash BUSD payment, transaction fees add 5% to the locked liquidity pool. Adding even more value to Dobie everytime Dobie is transacted.

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Extremely Loyal Ecosystem

Focused on being loyal and fair to Dobie holders worldwide. 1% of transaction fees go to various charities and 1% of fees go to the marketing wallet.

Dobienomics Protection

1% Max Wallet Limit · 25% of Tokens Burned ·
Remaining Tokens Locked in Liquidity

25% Burn Transaction 18.75% Tokens Locked 54.52% Liquidity Locked

Grow with Dobie Dobienomics make it simple.

Growing your decentralized portfolio starts with Dobie. Dobie works with the Binance Smart Chain to revolutionize decentralized finance and grow your earnings in BUSD stablecoin to safeguard your decentralized financial portfolio. Earn a shared 5% BUSD royalty on every transaction just for holding Dobie.

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Advanced Development with Essential Features

The Dobie is one of the most complex Binance Smart Chain smart contracts crafted on the blockchain. Utilizing advanced tokenomics that add liquidity, reward Dobie holders in stable coin, max out wallets to 1% of holdings, donate to woof worthy causes, burns tokens, and provides advanced utility to the Binance Smart Chain. Dobie is growing quickly and the utility possibilities are endless.

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Crafted for the Next Generation Decentralized Marketplace

Dobie is crafted with utility to fuel the next generation of products designed for the metaverse, cryptocurrency payments, and decentralized finance applications just to name a few. Dobie is not just designed to hold, Dobie's goal is to become the financial solution. Dobie will enable users to use tokens to create futures contracts, Peg Dobie to worldwide markets, and enable worldwide holdings contracts to markets all over the world. Dobie is here to stay.

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Cool facts About the Dobie Ecosystem

The Dobie ecosystem is constantly growing! Check out our current statistics pulled from the Binance Smart Chain. You can also view contract statistics on BSC Scan and view live data on the Dobie ecosystem.

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The Dobie Token Roadmap

Off-chain development begins including the Dobie Token website, social accounts, statistics, and spreading awareness about the Dobie ecosystem through social media.

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Phase 2

Off-Chain Development

Dobie comes to life! As a celebration we will burn the first 25% of the supply, add 100% locked liquidity, and users can begin exchanging on PancakeSwap! Holders can start earning 5% BUSD.

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Phase 3

Blast Off!

The development continues on developing the next generation of products designed for the metaverse, cryptocurrency payments, and the future of the worldwide investing marketplace.

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Phase 4

Dobie Development

Dobie Financial will lead the way in decentralized international financal products and services. Offering a variety of contracts that provide global financial solutions in a decentralized format.

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Phase 5

Dobie Financial

Dobie is born! Phase 1 consists of months preperation, testing, and deploying the Dobie Token Binance Smart Chain Contract on the Binance Smart Chain Mainnet.

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Phase 1

Solidity Programming

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